Maple Liquor

Carefully crafted assembly of maple sap and syrup

Maple Liquor 375 ml $21.74 + tax

The Labranche Sweet Maple Wine is a 100% maple-based alcohol product created from a carefully assembled blend of maple sap and syrup. This golden amber nectar is the culmination of the maple producer’s know-how, knowledge and experience passed down from father to son, featuring the time-honoured craft of natural maple evaporation and fermentation techniques.

Aging potential – ready to drink or keep 2 years, depending on the vintage


Selection of maple syrup and high-quality maple sap

ViselDeep golden amber colour.

OlfactifExuberant flavours of barley sugar, maple taffy and caramel apples.

GustatifCreamy and rich texture reveals a refreshing acidity that culminates in a persistent and harmonious finish.

Service Chilled between 6 and 8 °C or chambered between 16 and 18 °C.

Accord Foie gras, creamy cheeses, vanilla ice cream and maple-based desserts.

Taux d'alcoolAlcohol: 12 % by vol.