Aperitif fire cider

Balanced, pleasant and warm

The Labranche Apéritif de feu is aged in French oak barrels. It is balanced, pleasant and warm.

  • A blend of our Fire Cider carefully fermented and fortified with a Canadian grain alcohol.
  • Eye icon
    Amber orange colour, reminiscent of flames.
  • Nose icon
    Exotic fruits and orange peel aroma, with a nice woody structure.
  • Mouth icon
    An aromatic and warm taste with yellow fruit and vibrant acidity, with a nice long finish.
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    Serve cold (6-8 °C) or on ice.
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    Goes well with baked apples with fire cider sauce served over ice cream.
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    Alcohol: 20 % by vol.
Aperitif fire cider
750 ml
$26,09 + taxes