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Exclusive Maple Aperitif

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Sommelier Nordiq’s note

A product that lives up to its name, presenting our national maple in its most prestigious light. It is aromatic, fine, warm, authentic and strong, It is a bottle that has to be passionately appreciated, one sip at a time. Hours and hours of fun soaking your lips in such a high quality digestive. Try it with a strong cheese or a bite of dark chocolate. For cocktail lovers, the Domaine Labranche Fortifié d’érable Plénitude will add depth and refinement to your creations.

  • Maple water harvested in the spring, then fortified with Canadian spirit. One year aging in French oak barrels
  • Maple syrup harvested at the end of the season in spring, vinified and fortified
  • Eye icon
    Amber colour with copper highlights
  • Nose icon
    Charming nose with aromas of maple butter, spices, pecans and red oak
  • Mouth icon
    Palate dominated by maple and spice flavors reminiscent of cinnamon and a long, warm finish
  • Thermometer icon
    Serve chilled between 10 and 12 °C
  • Bread and wine glass icon
    Serve at the end of a meal with any Quebec blue cheese or as a dessert with fine chocolates
  • Percent icon
    20 % alc./vol.
  • Sugar icon
    Sweet 130 g/l
  • Calendar icon
    Drink now or can age up to 10 years. Once the bottle is open, keeps fresh for several months with an airtight wine cap

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