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Sparkling Cider

A nice alternative to sparkling wine

The Labranche Sparkling Cider is a judicious blend of well-ripened apples.

Once harvested, these apples are delicately pressed to extract their natural juice. Then, after fermentation, the product is carbonated during the bottling process.

Aging potential – Ready now.

  • Eye icon
    Yellow-green colour.
  • Nose icon
    Fresh apple and yeast aromas (beer).
  • Mouth icon
    Its bold initial freshness and fine bubbles culminate in a refreshing and light finish.
  • Thermometer icon
    Chilled between 8 to 10 °C.
  • Bread and wine glass icon
    An ideal apéritif, as an alternative to beer, perfect for the brunch as a Kir drink.
  • Percent icon
    Alcohol: 8,5 % by vol.