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Trout Gravlax With Maple Syrup, Orange And Pepper

Project Description


70 g (¼ cup) sugar

100 g (1/3 cup) salt

1 skinless and boneless trout

1 orange (zest and juice)

40 ml (1/3 cup) maple syrup

15 ml (1 tbsp.) ground black pepper



Mix the sugar, salt, juice, orange zest and syrup to make a paste and uniformly coat the fish.

Leave in the fridge for 8 hours.

Rinse and let dry uncovered for 1 hour in the refrigerator.

Slice and serve with crackers and serve with sparkling maple wine.

Project Details

  • Date5 Février 2015
  • ProduitPétillant d'érable
  • Temps de préparation10 heures
  • Recettes pour 4 personnes
  •  2

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