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Recipes and cocktails

Laurent Godbout’s recipes

Discover the Labranche products in a whole new way, thanks to the creativity of renowned chef Laurent Godbout. Original and delicious recipes with a method for everyone!

Crémeux de foie gras à la purée de pomme et liquoreux à l’érable
Double Grilled-Cheese Sandwich Using Aged Cheddar On Cranberry Bread
Duck In Red Wine And Cinnamon
Fettuccine With Creamed Mushrooms, Cider, Chives And Parmesan
French Onion Soup, Pancetta, Croutons And Gruyère Cheese
Huîtres fraîches avec mignonette au cidre pétillant
Hot Sugar Pie With Cream And Pears
Mussel Casserole With Maple Wine And Blue Cheese
Peach and Apricot Upside-Down Cake, Fresh Tarragon Cream and Fleur de Sel Caramel
Tranche de fromage Riopelle servie coulante, confit d’abricots secs au citron
Trout Gravlax With Maple Syrup, Orange And Pepper
Veal Cutlet With Potato Cream Sauce
Veal Sweetbread Fricassee With Cream And Dijon Mustard
Vinegar Chicken With Cream
Verrine de yogourt aux pépites d'érable

Lawrence Picard’s cocktails

They don’t call him a mere bartender anymore. Part acrobat and sorcerer’s apprentice, the mixologist is the new cocktails master, a mad scientist forgotten behind a bar, able to marry absinthe and egg whites, liquid nitrogen and ageless whisky . . .

Acer sour
Canadian Martini
Feu fashioned
Glace O Fashioned
ISI 75
Spritz d'érable
Tempête d'érable
Old Isidorian
Poma punch
Qc Spritz
Ski Doo
Sparkling acer
Tout feu tout punch