Fire Cider

Natural concentration of must by evaporation

Fire Cider 375 ml $21.74 + tax

In the same way maple sap is slowly heated into syrup, the Labranche Fire Cider apple must is concentrated in our wood-fired pans. Unlike freeze concentration used to make ice cider, fire cider relies on heat to concentrate its natural sugars and aromas.

Fire cider is still a scarce product, as few Quebec producers can make it.

Aging potential – ready now or keep 2-3 years, depending on the vintage.

Suggestions – drink during winter activities.


A blend of Cortland, McIntosh and Spartan.

ViselAmber orange colour, reminiscent of flames.

OlfactifIntense aromas of maple taffy, smoky maple wood, barley sugar and caramelized apple.


Its soft, full and creamy texture reveals a refreshing acidity, with a finish that is long and harmonious.

Service Chilled between 4 à 6 °C


Goes well with baked apples with fire cider sauce served over ice cream.

Taux d'alcoolAlcohol: 12% by volume